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Mission Statement


Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’, is the traditional system of medicine and health care of the Indian subcontinent, characterised by unique methods for achieving physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Its traditional goal is “to maintain good health in those who are healthy, and to heal disease in those who are sick” (prevention and cure). Ayurveda has been passed down uninterruptedly from India's Vedic civilisation to the present time, maintaining the original Vedic texts as its source and stable reference. EURAMA fully respects and upholds this precious tradition.

Traditionally, the application of Ayurvedic methods of diagnosis and treatment is in the hands of well-trained physicians (“Vaidyas”, knowers of reality).

It is the purpose of EURAMA to establish Ayurveda within Europe as a holistic system of medicine, applied by doctors and Vaidyas for the restoration and maintenance of health in their patients, including all of its diagnostic and therapeutic methods and the utilisation of its pharmacopoeia.

For Europe, our perspective of Ayurveda is its application as “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) along with modern medicine and scientific research, especially in areas where modern medicine does not fulfil our expectations concerning safety and efficiency (in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases).

EURAMA is designed to facilitate the creation of a regulatory framework for the safe and legal use of Ayurveda in all the countries of Europe. To achieve this goal, EURAMA will give special emphasis to scientific research and to providing higher education and training for medical professionals in Ayurvedic theory and clinical practice.

It is our firm belief that through these activities, Ayurveda will gain the position it deserves within the European health care systems. EURAMA invites all doctors, Vaidyas, and scientists – regardless of their education and school of thought within the field of Ayurveda – to participate in this great endeavour.


  • The aim of EURAMA is to promote and spread Ayurveda, used by doctors and Vaidyas to maintain or restore the health of their patients, in Europe. In doing so, the Association seeks to establish Ayurveda within Europe as a holistic system of medicine, including all of its diagnostic and therapeutic methods and the utilisation of its pharmacopoeia and to make it more easily accessible to the general public. In particular, Ayurveda is to be promoted in Europe as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Furthermore, EURAMA intends to promote the safe and legal application of Ayurveda in all European countries, especially by promoting the scientific research of Ayurveda, the establishment of recognised quality criteria and the professionally impeccable vocational education of doctors and medical staff in theory and clinical practice of Ayurveda on a continuing and advanced level.
  • Moreover, EURAMA aims to be a platform for the exchange of information and opinion between all persons who are involved in Europe and beyond with Ayurveda or take an interest in it, and to act as a mediator for these interests in Europe. 


  • To inform the public, authorities and parliamentary as well as other bodies in Europe about the significance of Ayurveda and to explain the role of consciousness for the understanding of health;
  • To inform the public and responsible bodies about the possibilities to maintain or restore health through Ayurveda;
  • To promote the integration of Ayurveda into the European health system and the respective special interest groups at the European Union, at the level of national governments and of other regional, national and European territorial authorities, including non-governmental organisations.
  • To initiate whatever steps are necessary to make Ayurvedic preparations and therapies available;
  • To promote scientific research and exchange of information in the field of Ayurveda;
  • To forge interdisciplinary links between Ayurveda, traditional European therapeutic modalities and modern medicine within the context of integrative medicine;
  • To promote training and advanced and continuing education in Ayurvedic medicine and therapy on a high level;
  • To promote international dialogue and exchange programmes, especially with Ayurvedic experts and doctors (Vaidyas) from India;
  • To promote responsible behaviour of all persons and institutions dealing with Ayurveda;
  • To cooperate with other organisations, universities and scientific institutions worldwide which are involved in the scientifically based research and dissemination of authentic Ayurveda.
EURAMA’s activities are not directed towards profit. The means of the association are exclusively used in compliance with the above stated goals.

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